• Ammon Cunningham Thinks Everyone Should Visit Cedar Breaks

  • Posted on December 15, 2017
  • A prolific blogger and an enthusiastic traveler, Ammon Cunningham loves to discover the best travel destinations, so that he can let everyone else know, too. And one thing he wants everyone to know that his home state of Utah has many incredible sights to see. He feels that Utah has many of the best travel destinations in the world. One of his favorites is Cedar Breaks National Monument, which is a park located in southwestern Utah.

    Cedar Breaks is quite literally a force of nature, as its main features consist of its extremely colorful rocky landscape that managed to naturally form a huge amphitheater that runs for more than 2,000 feet and is about 3 miles in diameter. The views are most spectacular from the Rim Drive, with minerals creating the countless colors that mark the cliffs. In addition to Rim Drive, Ammon Cunningham notes that the Ramparts Trail is a spectacular 4-mile hiking trail that runs along the edge of the plateau and eventually leads to an amazing view of the Cedar Breaks Amphitheater mentioned above. Also worth visiting is the Alpine Pond Trail, a circular 2 mile hike leading to a subalpine forest glade and a pond.

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